Create dynamic reports instantly

A good database should make it easy to walk away from the computer with exactly the data you need in your hands.

Broadstripes CRM allows you to dump the data you want (and only the data you want) to PDF or spreadsheet form for printing or emailing.

Here are some of the reporting options in the system:

  • Dynamic Reports: Once you've selected exactly the columns you want to see in your search results, you can easily export the data you're looking at to PDF, CSV, or XLS format.
  • House Visit Sheet: The House Visit Sheet (pictured at right) contains all the information an organizer needs to meet with a person. Notice the bar-code at top-left -- Broadstripes is programmed to locate a person's record when this is scanned. This can make data entry much faster when the organizer returns to the office with a bunch of filled-out house visit sheets.
  • Employer Status Report: The Status Report (pictured below) can be run for any employer or sub-department. The report aggregates worker data by organizer to give you insight into how an organizing drive or particular campaign is progressing.
  • Custom Reports: Broadstripes CRM's dynamic reporting tools provide much of what clients need by way of custom reporting. When complex analysis or aggregation is involved, however, a more tailored solution may be required. The flexibility of a Web-based application allows us to quickly, easily, and inexpensively deliver custom reports to clients as needed.
The House Visit Sheet gives an organizer all the information they need to meet with a target.
The Employer Status Report aggregates organizing data for an entire employer and any sub-departments the organizer chooses.