Track employment information

A crucial part of effective labor organizing is knowing where people work, and what they do there.

Broadstripes CRM features a set of easy-to-use tools that enable organizers to map out the structure of the workplace as they know it.

These tools allow organizers to:

  • Create and manage departmental structures that reflect the organizer's understanding of the shop.
The department-chooser makes it easy to find the right departments, even in a complex organization.
  • Assign workers to departments and job classifications within those structures.
The Department Tree Navigator makes it easy to visualize and work with the structure of the shop.
  • Change employment information for groups of workers in bulk.
  • Find workers in a particular department or sub-department.
  • Generate printable graphic reports of department structures for organizing in the field.
The Department Tree report can be printed to take along when organizing in the field.