Visualize your organizing data

Organizing can get complicated.

An organizer has to navigate a dense web of relationships to identify and reach the leaders in a workplace or community.

Broadstripes CRM offers a set of visual tools that help users see and explore the organizing, employment, and human relationships that define the organizing environment.

These tools include:

  • Progress bars and other analytic micro-reports that give users a clear picture of the state of campaigns and goals (picture at upper right).
  • The Multi-Search Map allows organizers to display different sets of contacts and the relationships between them (picture at lower right).
  • As part of Broadstripes CRM's employment toolkit, the Department Tree Navigator makes it easy for organizers to visualize and work with the structure of a shop.
  • The interactive Organizing Tree allows an organizer to assign new targets, and run reports and searches (pictured below).
The Broadstripes CRM homepage can be configured to display one or more progress bars to track team goals.
The Multi-Search Map can display the relationships between people on a map, and allows organizers to create new relationships, as well.
The Organizing Tree provides a color-coded visualization of an organizer's relationships, and those of the people they organize.