About Broadstripes

Broadstripes was built for labor organizing.

A team of developers based in New Haven, Connecticut has been working for more than a decade to create tools flexible enough and powerful enough to help organizers win labor campaigns, and keep winning them.

Beginning in the Northeast, we’ve branched out across the continent to work with unions in a wide variety of industries — Broadstripes has been used to organize in hospitals and hotels, in public schools and universities, on military bases, newsrooms, and sound-stages.
We’ve helped carve out new bargaining units and defend existing ones, track votes and meeting attendance, petition signing, and the million other details that make up a labor campaign.
We’re committed to working with labor unions and progressive campaigns fighting for the rights of workers across North America, and we’d love to hear from you about your campaign and find out how we can help.

Sales Team

Your first introduction to Broadstripes may have been by word of mouth, but our sales team will work with you to understand how Broadstripes can increase the effectiveness and visibility of your organizing. After that conversation, you’ll have a great idea of what we can do together.

Support Team

From your initial data import, to declaring the campaign a success (and all the little steps between) we’re here. Help means real people on the other end of our in-app support – or you can guide yourself through our online knowledge base and ever-growing collection of help videos.

Development Team

Our coders meet daily to catch each other up on their work, and decide what new improvements will have the most impact on users. Since Broadstripes is in the cloud, when enhancements are rolled out, you’ll see them as soon as you log in. That means with Broadstripes, you’re always current and always secure.

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Broadstripes can work for you?

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