Our goal is to make Broadstripes affordable for unions at all scales and budgets.

Your subscription includes training to help your data managers get up to speed quickly, as well as user training so your whole team can be organizing on Broadstripes. Once you launch your project, our help team will provide you with ongoing support.

“Broadstripes is our whole organizing picture in one place: turf, leadership, assessments, comms, and mobilization.”
– Moricka Burgess  
Health Professionals and Allied Employees  
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We’ve got a size that fits your work.

Want to learn more? A good first step is setting up a demo – you’ll see Broadstripes in action and if it’s a good fit, we can take it from there.

Calculate your costs

The minimum quarterly fee is $1,250. If your total usage is less than 5,000 person records, that is your fee.

To determine the quarterly fee for your usage level:
1. On the chart above, find the tier in which your usage falls using the minimum and maximum values in columns A and B.

2. Subtract the “minimum” value for your tier (column A) from your current usage.

3. Multiply the result of step 2 by your tier’s per worker above minimum(D) cost.

4. Add the “base fee” (C) to the product from step. The result is your quarterly fee for Broadstripes usage.

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