Our goal is to make Broadstripes affordable for unions at all scales and budgets.

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Number of people you organize

How pricing works

You pay about $1 per person per year for the first 20,000 people you are organizing. After that, you get a volume discount per worker, so your price per person goes down the more people you have in your Broadstripes database.

You can pay annually or quarterly, and you can increase or decrease your plan as you go. See the complete pricing chart.

“We pay one vendor one reasonable fee and we have everything we need. I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner”
– Somebody Somewhere
Union that Has No Name
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“Broadstripes is our whole organizing picture in one place: turf, leadership, assessments, comms, and mobilization.”
– Moricka Burgess
Health Professionals and Allied Employees
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What you get when you choose Broadstripes

One complete app

Every subscription includes our cloud-based organizing platform as well as our entire suite of integrated tools to mobilize activists and build a stronger labor community. Log in to one dashboard and see campaign progress, track or update your conversations with workers, mobilize groups with texts and emails, hear what’s important with online surveys, and upload digital signed cards sent directly from a worker’s phone. You can also generate lists, map routes for house visits or even run a phone bank – all from Broadstripes.

Training and support

Your subscription cost also includes training to help your data managers get up to speed quickly, and user training so your whole team can organize effectively on Broadstripes. Once you launch your project, our team is a phone call away to support you during business hours.

We’re helping unions organize thousands of workers every day.

Here’s What our customers are saying

Broadstripes is the best tool out there for organizing a bargaining unit.


– Gwen Mills


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Still have a few questions?

Q: Is Broadstripes right for us?

A: Broadstripes empowers organizers working in any industry or community context, and can be configured for even the most unique shop structures. We specialize in Labor, so we know just how to support you.

Q: How will I import records?

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Q: What if our campaign grows?

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Q: Can I use Broadstripes for internal organizing, too?

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Q: Who should attend a demo?

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Q: How do I convince our team that Broadstripes can help?

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